Media Strategy

Effective use of media, audio and video, begins with having a clear idea of what the ultimate goal is.

Too often the first foray into video is driven by the thought; "Lets's make a video about ..." without any clear idea of:-

  • Who the audience is
  • What will engage their interest
  • What you want them to think or do once they have seen it
  • How you will get people to see it

Unless these questions are answered it is unlikely that you will get an effective video. But you cannot answer these questions until you have a clear idea of how it will fit into your overall communications plan.

What type of media?

There is a huge range of approaches you could take with a large range of cost implications. You could use audio instead of video or you could use both. 

You could produce a single video shot with a full crew or you could produce a series of lower cost videos and turn yourself into a channel. 

And there is no point blowing your budget on a single piece of expensive video and leaving yourself with no way to drive people to see it.

Thinking about cost

Depending on the approach you decide to take will have a huge bearing on cost. We have produced 12 videos for £1500 and we have produced one 4 minute video for £6000. All of them were of good quality but they were different in style and each did the job it was required to do. 

Read more about why costs vary so much here

Creating a Strategy

There are certain fundamental questions that will inform the development of the strategy. The first of these relates to your current overall business strategy, are you seeking to:

  • Achieve a higher price
  • Find more customers
  • Sell more to each customer

Identifying these raises further questions; if the aim is to command higher prices should you be focusing on building your brand or on showcasing your product or service. If you are seeking more customers, will you be selling directly from the web or simply trying to make an initial connection. and if it is selling more to each then is it repeat business or an "upsell".

How can we help?

If you would like us to help develop your strategy we can provide you with a free half hour consultation to get you started. After that you can decide whether to ask us to help you develop a full strategy.

If you decide to move on to producing video or audio we will only take on the job if you are clear about how it will fit your business strategy. We don't like wasting people's money!