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ProducerVideo is irrefutably one of the most compelling communication media. It works particularly well in channels, but it quickly becomes expensive in bulk. One way to overcome this is to hire a part time producer, minimising cost without losing the essential skills.

The Problem

We all know that video is probably the most powerful of all communication media. Testimony to this is deluge of video is swamping almost every aspect of life.

Deciding what to watch is a problem

Nobody spends much time randomly seeking out things to watch; we tend to rely on two main approaches.

  • Consensus. If many people share a video then it will be more easily found. The other way is to follow channels.
  • Channels publish content that have some consistency. We know the sort of stuff that the BBC puts out and can narrow the filter by selecting one of their channels.

The problem with consensus is it is largely beyond your control although SEO and social media can make a significant difference.

But if you have a regular flow of material that appeals to the audience you wanty to reach you can build a channel that they will return to regularly.

Unfortunately producing that flow of regular material tends to be expensive.

Or is it?

What makes video expensive?

Doing it well requires skilled people. They need somewhere to work and salaries. So you have a couple of options; set up a your own production company, but you won't really have enough work for it - or the budget - or hire a production company.

Obviously cheaper, but still expensive as they have to cover the same infrastructure and the cost of doing business as well as profit.

The Third Option

Retain a part-time Producer. the producer is first and foremost a project manager, he develops an innate understanding of the objectives of the project, he/she knows how to pull the constituent parts together and, with in depth experience of the industry, knows who has the right skills for a particular job.

With the ability to identify the right freelancers, video companies, studios, editors and writers a producer can put together the team that is right for your job.

Your own video company

In effect you have your own video company with no overhead but an innate understanding of your company, its needs and its customers.

We can either act as your producer or introduce you to the right producer.


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