Change Thinking, Initiate Action, Transform Behaviour

Stig NordquistThe purpose of any conference is to change the way people behave!

There is little point in a presenter going to the effort of developing ideas, crafting a presentation and braving an audience if they don't do something with his/her ideas.

Delegates are wasting time and money if they attend, listen and then fail to take action!

And sponsors achieve nothing from their investment if they get no reaction from the delegates - or the wider world who weren't at the conference.

Incredibly Valuable Content

Your speakers will offer up content that most organisations would pay thousands of pounds for. It is widely recognised that content marketing is now the most effective way of building any brand and you have access to cutting edge content.

Fail to capture it and use it effectively and you are missing an opportunity to leverage your conference.

Capture and promote it effectivelu and you will:

  • Help delegates put ideas into practice
  • Speakers increase their reputation
  • Sponsors leverage their investment

Less than the cost of the coffee

With experience of conferences form London to Bangkok we have refined our operations to make it possible to capture the conference and make the content available online for less than the cost of the coffee and cookies! 

We can provide to with:

  • Video Interviews with the Speakers to capture essence of the presentation
  • Audio recording of presentation
  • Copy of the PowerPoint or Prezi
  • A transcript of the presentation
  • Biography and links
  • Links and downloads of other relevant papers
  • On line discussion of the subjects

All embeded on a website branded to match your own site, with a page per speaker

And a page for each sponsor