Changing the way people think and act

The purpose of any communication is to produce a change in the audience. This may be a change in psychological state, a change in their perception of the world or a change in the way they behave and act.

It's about the audience; not the person doing the communication!

The trouble is many (most?) forget that and simply tell us what is on their mind. Most people do that in normal day to day conversation.

The real leaders do not. They are more interested in the needs, desires and views of those they interact with because they seek to understand because they know that is the key to persuading their audience to follow them.

Which is why when you google Effective Communication Skills you will find Listening is at the top of most results.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

So the first task is to determine who you really want to communicate with and then set about learning about their interests desires and needs. Find out the best way to communicate with them - how will you help them find your communications, what will grab their attention and what will persuade them to act.

There are 4 key questions you must answer if you wish to develop a strategy that will match your business objectives:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do you want them to think or do?
  • What will engage their interest?
  • How will you ensure your production reaches them?

With the answers to these questions you can make decisions on such things as:

  • Invest all your budget in a single piece or spread it across a regular series
  • Invest in audio or video
  • Social media strategy
  • The right production strategy - DIY or out-sourced, or a mix

Perhaps you can appreciate the importance of not simply commisioning the video until all this is clear.