The Odd Couple

Sublime to the Ridiculous

About Us

icm Media is a conspiracy led by a former BBC Editor and a lapsed Management Consultant.

We argue constantly, generally forcefully, each bringing different perspectives. But we respect each other's experience and intellect which means we generally come up with some pretty good solutions.

Thanks to Simon's BBC connections we are also able to access highly experienced freelancers in every discipline required to make effective video.

And in case your wondering - we cannot agree which of us is Jack Lemmon or Walter Matthau.

Honest and Effective

"Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest."

This quote has continued to re-surface for almost three decades. Actually it is, ironically, a deliberate misquote by a newspaper, which was attacking a climate change scientist. The scientist, Dr Schneider, was himself attacking the sound bite culture of the media that made it difficult to explain complex issues properly.

"There can never be trade-offs."

We seek to strike the balance between emotion and logic, engaging the heart and the brain but never distorting the truth!

Our Values

Media is all about integrity